2006 VCLL Events

The VCLL hosts or co-hosts a series of leadership-oriented events centered on the principles of values, ethics, and social responsibility. VCLL events are designed to be hands-on learning experiences engaging students, faculty, alumni and business leaders in a safe, explorative academic environment, providing a valuable experience for everyone involved.

Planned activities for the VCLL’s inaugural 2006-07 school year include:

  • The first annual Graziadio School student case competition featuring cases with social/ethical components (November 17, 2006)
    Contact Naveen Jethwani for details Naveen.Jethwani@pepperdine.edu
  • Speaker series and workshops featuring executives and entrepreneurs who exemplify values-centered leadership (September 2006 and January 2007)
  • An award for the Best Socially Responsible Business Plan within Pepperdine University’s annual Business Plan Competition (February 2006)
  • A Social Entrepreneurship Workshop including speakers, panels, brainstorming workshops and a Fast-Pitch business model event (March 2006)

Future VCLL activities may include:

  • Research on business issues such as the correlation between ethical metrics and financial performance
  • A periodical bulletin providing updates on VCLL activities and publishing student-driven research
  • Training/certification in ethical practices for business executives led by faculty and students
  • A program uniting graduate business students with area high school students and emphasizing entrepreneurial approaches to social challenges, culminating in a business plan competition for high school students
  • Model business creation and incubator supporting socially responsible start-ups by students
  • Additional student-driven activities TBA…

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