Graziadio Case Competition Field Announced!

After a late surge in applications, the Grazadio Case Competition’s competitive admissions process yielded the following 11 teams, as competitors in the first annual event, which takes place Friday, November 17, 2006 at the Drescher Center!

The Exposers: Mathias Heraeus, Ashley Hall, Faisal Rajput, Ariana Fletcher

MOK Consulting Group: Oliver Szocs, Kimberly Britton, Maureen Mungers

ETC Consulting: Jessmy D’Souza, Jessica Jekkel, Brad White, Erik Bleitz

The Cougars: Wil Phan, Vanessa Towning, Ryan Koo, Vanessa VanderZanden, Jared Weidenbaum

SPY: Pramod Kunju, Yakin Patel, Prasad Palaparty

The Waves: Rocio Ponco, Philip Potkowski, Alina Topala, Greg Holt

The Rookies: Collete Simko, Matt Kemp, Michael Tanenbaum, Pei-Chi Chou

Ethicapital: Nicholas Merriam, Breanne Hayes, Thomas Lombardi

Caesar’s Wife: Erik Darby, Nicole Judd, Jake Wall

Creative Citizen: Scott Badenoch, Cameron Mitchell, Akash Khorsandi, Argam Derhartunan

German Stereotypes: Samuel Schmidt, Tobias Bakeberg, Christoph Balzer

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