The Stock Options Backdating Scandal

November 13, 2006

In another high profile ouster resulting from the exploding executive stock options scandal that began exploding this summer:  KB Homes CEO Bruce Karatz, and two other execs from the massive LA-based home building giant.

Some of us Lab’ers watched this scandal emerge, live and in our face, during our summer session Business Law class. Graziadio Law faculty Gia Weisdorn encouraged discussion of the emerging issue in class; in fact, she began discussing it back in May when it was a little sidebar in the WSJ and cautioned us that it could become major news along with other issues of excessive executive compensation. Wow, was she right.

Immersive Learning: Ethics in the Slammer

September 29, 2006

Here’s a great article from the archives of the SF Chronicle about how b-schools like Haas and, of course, Graziadio, have used prison visits to drive home the adverse effects of unethical white collar crime, and a follow-up  with more explanation from the  involved  Graziadio faculty.
Some people may not need more than their fourth-grade visit to the county pokey to motivate them toward an ethical business career, while others may need a hard-hitting reminder by the time they reach grad school age.  What other hands-on experiences have you heard of that help illustrate the impact of business ethics at a personal level?
Thanks to Divya of The Lab for finding these…

How Google Gives Away Part of Its Vast Fortune

September 24, 2006

A great interview from Wired Magazine about how Google manages its burgeoning philanthropy program under the direction of Dr. Larry Brilliant, an innovative physician turned social change agent.

Dr. Brilliant, if you are listening, we would love to host you at Pepperdine…

Estuardo Porras, Starbucks and Pepperdine

August 14, 2006

Great article from Inc. Magazine on Estuardo Porras, a sustainable coffee farmer in Guatemala and a supplier to Starbucks. Early in, the article mentions Porras’ mid-nineties business education at Pepperdine. VCLL intends to track down Mr. Porras and ask for his insights on building a sustainable, responsible business.